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Library: DMC library is open seven days a week (except on public holidays). It houses over 2,000 books covering such topics as (mass) communication, media, journalism, political science, sociology, and other social sciences. It also offers a broad collection of newspapers and magazines, periodicals, research reports, and radio and TV productions. The library further provides other facilities including cable TV, printing, copying, scanning, and a dozen computers with internet access (both cable and wireless).

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Computer Labs: Besides the computer facilities in the library, the DMC houses two computer labs: one for the basic computer skills training and the other audio and visual editing.

Editing Room, Radio & TV Studio: The DMC has its own fully equipped radio studio for students to practice their skills and produce their own programs throughout the course. To further the needs for technical process, we equipped the editing room with high capacity machines. 

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Internet Access:  Not only is the internet available in the library, there are both cable and wireless access for all the DMC students. For seven days a week, students can locate their laptop wherever they feel comfortable in the DMC ground to research internet with unlimited speed. In accordance with its aims, the DMC encourages its students to communicate with outsiders in order to strengthen themselves to be information controllers, who are suitable to be professional media practitioners during and after their studies.

Meeting Room: To meet the requirement of students who want to have a private discuss room, the DMC takes some space of its houses to fill the need. In meeting room, students have right to discuss with their classmates or separate meeting with their lectures. The meeting room is also equipped TV cable with cassette and DVD players and internet access.

Conference Room: With a new design, the DMC’s conference room is the most comfortable place for special meeting of its staff and group of donors or students.


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